2 Timothy musings

I was reading 2 Timothy today and as I read I became more and more aware of the battles which Paul went through. Obviously if you have read any of Paul’s letters you will be aware that he was in prison and persecuted a lot…however I don’t think I was ever aware of how many friendships and personal relationships suffered in his ministry. In 2 Timothy Paul talks about people who have left him because of their love of the world. In 2 Tim:4:9 Paul talks of Demas who has deserted him because he loves the world so much- his friend left him because of differences of opinion and beliefs- that sucks!
As I continued to read 2 Timothy it made me wonder if I was aware of how my relationships were being effected by the spiritual battle we are all in. Often I think we hear of the spiritual battle and see it as something individual and personal, where the devil is trying to bring us down individually by our insecurities. However I look back on my life and I see friendships – good friendships that have been torn down by what now seems like nothing: in fact I can’t actually put a finger on what broke it. I see that the devil attacks people individually but also he attacks relationships and friendships, making us play the blame game or the jealousy game- using us against one another.
Maybe we need to become more aware of the spiritual battle – not giving the devil more of our time but just knowing that it is there and seeing where the devil might come in and break us apart. After all a divided army can’t really have much success in the battlefield. What would happen if we all just joined together and recognised that we are one and that most of the ‘problems’ are actually the devils games? Would the amount of faith amongst us grow and would we see more of the kingdom? Would we see less division and more unity? Would the little problems disappear and would God’s glory be more welcomed?
I think the answer to these questions is yes! God says that when 2 or 3 are gathered He would be there and so it makes sense that the devil would try to stop us from gathering.
I think some of the most powerful times I have seen God work is when a group of people have gathered together to pray for something- when a group have got together under one authority and with one aim. It is so powerful!
So thats my thoughts for today.
God bless!

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