Rise and shine…or maybe not

Up before the sun: rise and shine doesn’t have the same ring to it when you leave the house in the dark. However today has been a rather beautiful day – getting up at 6 to be at a church prayer meeting for 7 is not as bad as one might think.
I started the day in a way that I have been longing to for months, joyfully and with my Daddy God. I guess sometimes it takes something very out of character to give us what we want.
I think the winter sometimes makes me feel very tired simply because the sun is not out enough. Living in the north means cold, and wet  ( I miss the southern sun vague sunlight – it is england after all!)
Therefore I have created a list of happy shiny things which have kept me smiling these past few weeks as the cold has creeped in.
1. Skype conversations with my bestie who is the other side of the world
2. Multi-coloured nails
3.Silly things that make me giggle
4.Autumn leaves and winter boots
5.Becoming a slightly obsessive Starbucks drinker (maybe one two a day)
Love love love

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