The Love Revolution and Charity shops.

About a month of so ago I was in a Christian bookshop with a friend and I was drawn to this book called “The Love Revolution” by Joyce Meyer. So i brought it.

The book is essentially about how we need to stop sitting on our bums talking about how the world is falling apart and actually become compassionate and do what we can to change things.
The picture to the left is their statement of what they will do. As I have read the book my heart has been stirred to do something, anything that I can to show the world love. In a previous post I wrote about love being a doing word and how it is something close to my heart. So as I have read I have been thinking about what I can do.

This year I am committed to where I am, I have very little money and I have a pretty full weekly schedule. However there is so much that is going on around me, people in the community I live in who need help, the homeless people in my city, the students who just need someone to talk to, the parents who need babysitters. So I have made a promise to myself, to God and now to you all, that I will do what I can to bring love to those around me. To give my resources to those who need it.
Alongside this I have been inspired by these wonderful girls Grace, Rosie and Harriet to shop only at charity shops this year. (Read their blog to see their reasons, and rules which I will follow).

My main reasoning for shopping at charity shops is that they give to the needy, they bring much needed support to people. The second reason is that I have so much stuff and have a tendency to buy what I do not need. Therefore hopefully I will learn some self disciple in what I buy and be more sensible about shopping.

I guess I wanted to write about this so it is out in the world and I can’t go back on it. I also want to challenge you to see what you could do to bring love to the world.

Massive love and God bless to everyone, and Happy New Year

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