Why am I running?

I am a self confessed couch potato! I like to be on the sofa with popcorn and a film or STAC. 
However me and my housemate decided that we would actually start doing what we plan- so we went running. And it was awesome.
Although we may have stopped to often and have been overtaken by the ‘proper’ runners, it felt great.
I know quite a few people who say that running is where they meet with God and to me this used to sound ridiculous. How on earth could running, when you are sweating and panting, be a place where you could meet with God??

However as I ran next to my housemate I began to understand. When we run, we use our bodies physically in a way they were created, we see the world in a different way and our bodies become alive. I may be out of breath and sweaty but I am running through God’s creation and past God’s people.
I realised that using our bodies physically is just another way that we can meet with God, after all he created them and knows how they work.

Also I found these on my obsession that is pinterest:


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