Dear self…

Yesterday as usual I was surfing through all my lovely bookmarked blogs, and I came across this post by the lovely Jo Saxton. I liked the idea, and since it was my birthday recently I thought I would steal it. So here it is, a letter to myself for my 22 year of life. 
Dear Me, 
You are now at the age the sixteen year old you thought you would be engaged and getting married- be thankful you are not! You are not in that place and you have so much to do before any of that happens, God wants you to himself for now. 
Your year of being 21 was probably the best and most informative of your short life, and do not forget the things your learnt in that year. 
Keep hold of the dreams you wrote down, and never stop writing them down. Do not forget the friends you made in that year nor the ways in which God transformed and healed your heart. 
Keep dreaming
The dreams God gave you at sixteen and seventeen are beginning to happen, so keep going. Keep dreaming the dreams you have, it is okay to be both a dreamer and details person- it is rare so hold on to it! 
Encourage those around you to dream, keep praying and prophesying over them. They need to hear the encouragement too and you are able to give them that. 
And don’t forget to share your dreams with the ones who are leading you, after all they are there to release you and they can teach you more that you realise. 
Don’t be scared of your passions
However big, scary or strange they may seem, do not be sacred of them. Know that God placed them within your heart and remember how many people you have met with the same ones. Share your passions with everyone you can and teach those around you to be excited by their passions. 
It has been amazing this year seeing people discover what they love, please remember the excitement of that. Remember that God has given difference people different gifts and dreams and passions- so let people be themselves. 
Let go and move on
Do not be afraid to forgive those who hurt you. Let go and move on to whatever is next. Let God have your pain – He doesn’t want you to keep it! However much you look at the world and want justice remember that everyone has a story behind their actions. Let God show you that and be a ridiculous forgiver like Jo says. Give away what you can and know that God will bless you in ways you will not expect. 
Trust Him 
because if you have learnt anything this past year it is that He knows best. So trust Him with your life, your finances, your dreams and desires, your friends and family…and live knowing that you sit in His hands. 
And finally Enjoy yourself 
Keep laughing at silly things, let yourself be creative, find new vintage shops and coffee shops, drink lots of tea and get the tattoo you want. 
and remember
The small steps you take will lead to the big ones He gives you. Watch His footsteps everyday and follow in His graciousness. It is the only way to live and it is the best for you. You are never alone because He is always with you. And His plan for you is for you to be free in who you are. He is where your heart is, with His dreams and desires and teachings. 
Enjoy this crazy year 

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