10 days in Romania

Dece products 
So I have just got back from the most amazing trip to Romania, Siria to be exact, which is near the city of Arad in the West of Romania. 
I was out their with my internship year and we were working with a christian mission organisation called Networks. They are an amazing organisation and they work alongside the poorest in the country. One of their projects is setting up micro enterprises to help the people help themselves. 

is one of these enterprises. 

Dece teaches the women in the community to sew and crochet hats and scarves. The women get paid for this work and they are able to then buy food for their children. 
 The above photo shows what the scarves say, it shows what Dece does for these women. 
our hotel 

           view from a castle at the top of a hill        outside the Networks building having theological chats 

 We were unable to take photo’s when we were working (and rightly so)  so the above 3 photos are a little of Romania that I saw and had my camera with me.
Romania is amazing and stole my heart in a massive way. I will post probably do another post about all that I learnt and what exactly stole my heart. 
love love love 

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