When I grow up…

I want to know that what I did at 22 mattered
I want to have touched people’s hearts with Gods word
I want to have lived in many places and loved many people
I want to have followed God’s footsteps and walked where He led me
I want to have know His truth through all things
I want to know my Bible well so I can share it everyday
I want to know that He is my one and only
I want to have seen the faceless army rise and change this world for the Kingdom
I want to have taken all that I have learnt and pass it on
I want to see the world through the eyes of someone constantly amazed
I want to help people in my everyday
I want to do things that scare me
I want to take photos of the world and capture moments which mattered

I want to follow His footsteps and know that He holds me in His hands.

picture taken from here
Did I ever tell you there was a plan, one that started and ended with love, one that was set aside for you by the creator God. 
A plan to love you and never look back 
A plan to hold you when life was crap
Did you know there is a plan, one in which you never have to loose? 
And did you know there is a God up above who wants to shower you with His love? 
Did you know that you can just reach out your hand and He will take it and help you be a better man or women? 
So take His hand and let Him have all the crap and run alongside Him,
 Holding on for dear life and enjoying life at it’s fullest and most exciting with the one who created it all!” 


love love love this song 

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