thoughts from a hectic week.

This week has been mental, I am currently lying on my bed – which by the way has the best fluffy blanket on it ever! – and I am thinking about how one of my friends declared on the way home this afternoon that we have had so much thrown at us this week. Almost 6 days of solid teaching on mission and how to do it- on how church works and doesn’t – all from people who are being used incredibly by God and it is slightly blowing my mind. 
It has just made me think about life and how we never know what is going to be thrown at us or how God is going to use us. 
I am about to finish all that this year holds and spend a weekend saying goodbye to some truly truly awesome people: then i will start a new job and new chapter of adult life. 
i will be financially independent and somewhat a fully fledged adult. 
yet there is still the 16 year old me creeping out in what i want to do- in the fact that i want to sit in fields with friends and watch stupid movies and do crazy things- like getting my tongue web pierced 🙂 –  
maybe as life goes on we never truly grow up and maybe God just refines the true us – the person we desire to be and the one He made us. 
Maybe as people move on, as life continues, as each year we get older we begin to see which parts of us are truly ‘us’. 
I guess we never know what is coming around the corner but we can always see as we glance over our shoulder that God has it. That we do not need to continue looking back but we can embrace the mental weeks that challenge us to run and jump into our futures with the security that our past is behind us and the good things will continue. 
Life is good – it is always good even when it is hard because God has it- fully completely has it, no matter how crap it may feel. 

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