I’m a distracted person, I go through phases- I get excited by the next thing all to quickly… but sometimes there are things that pull me back in every few months- things that a part of me just cannot let go of it’s passion. 
Take country music- there is nothing in my life that would suggest that I should love it the way I do… however every few months I have an unexplainable desire to listen to country music all day (like right now for instance).
 I grew up in suburbia just outside of London!!! there is nothing country in my bones it makes no sense… and take this blog for example, however much I get distracted from it and forget to update/write/post of here I get drawn back in again- the desire to type out my mind is just there. 
All of this realisation has made me think: what are the things which God placed passion in me for? and have I been distracted from them? 
I have always had a passion to help women in dire circumstances that should have been abolished years ago, women who are in pain and hurting because of inequality and cruelty. 
But I just get distracted by the world; If the poster/ video/ magazine article telling me about it isn’t under my nose I often let the issue fall to the back of my mind rather than letting it be at the front. 
I don’t fully know what I am meant to do with this passion but I know for sure that I should be spending more time thinking and praying into that rather than on pinterest or shopping. 
I have also begun to realise that being 22 is actually really young, I am at a time in my life where I have no massive ties to anywhere- yes I have a job and friends and family but if God called me to move somewhere I could, and if I want to achieve something or create something then there is nothing stopping it from happening other than me. 
I have the ability to change things around me, change things in my own life to be better, change the thinking, ignorance of those around me who might now know all the facts about sex trafficking or prostitution! I have the ability to use all the gifts and skills God has gracefully placed in me to show His love to people and to change things. 
right, extrovert processing over 
listening to: luke bryan

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