I figured it out…

“dreams and desires are crazy things…big crazy things…scary big crazy things.
and if your heart is one on fire for Jesus- then the likelyhood is that you will have dreams and desires that are in line with his.
so dream…and be pro-active, search out the beautiful desires God has placed in you. 
search out with boldness and delight and go where he opens doors. 
Just put your faith and trust and desires in his hands…because there is where they will be fulfilled or put to the sidelines. 
Trust that he will guide you through it all and into the great plan of life that has been designed for you!” 

I found this in my journal- I don’t know when I wrote it down…but it inspired me, alongside a million other things today (including this lovely lady) 
And from that inspiration came a whole new idea…

I started this blog in 2011 and it has gone through many a change. I have now figured out what exactly I want it to be. I wanted it to be more focused, more defined. To give more of myself to it, to share more of who I am and to document my adventures in life.
So I am focusing it on 6 different streams. 
This is my adventures, my friends, my family, my life. I want to share it with you. Photo’s of exciting places and people. 

I spend a lot of my brain time dreaming about what could be, these are my dreams, ideals, inspirations, wants and desires. 

This is God, what I believed his truths are. The things I believe he declares over all of us, daily, every second, every minute. 

My thought process…I externally process. 

Who? What? am I loving right now. Interviews with beautiful people and photos of beautiful things. 

I will explain a bit about what is happening. Why I might be moving there and share my journey. Photos, explanations, fundraising, stories. 
I hope you will join me on this online adventure. Comment on my dreams, truths and journals. Enjoy the blessings and adventures, and learn more about Romania and God along the way. 

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