truths…life is a hidden adventure

I didn’t get into the University I wanted. 
I didn’t get the grades, I had not worked hard enough. 
Yet at that moment…you know the one where you check your UCAS online in the morning before opening the envelope…I had never felt so peaceful. 
It didn’t seem to matter at all that the grades were wrong, I was completely at peace about it all. 
And when I told my parents, my dad said he had been praying for me and was reminded of this verse…
“I will lead the blind by ways they have not known; along the unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light for them and make the rough places smooth. 
These are the things I will do; I will not forsake them.”
Isaiah 42:16 

It was so poignant. God leads us down the paths we don’t know, He makes everything right. 
This one verse has followed my around since then. Every time I move on to the next stage, the next uncertain thing, this verse comes at me. 
I have begun to realise that I…and everyone… have no idea what life has in store. We can plan and scheme but we don’t really understand where we are going or what is around that metaphorical corner.  
Life is a hidden adventure.
God has it in hand. He will lead us into the glorious adventures he has for us if we let him. 
God will never abandon us, he might not always show us where we are going or why, but he knows the right path for us. 
We might feel blind and it might be pitch black but he is leading us into the awesome surprises of life, why would we want to peek and know before it is time…it would ruin the joy of the surprise! 
Incidentally I met some of the most influential, important, amazing people in my life at the University I did get into…would not have wanted it any other way. That day, that surprise has lead to so much joy and adventure. 
God is good. 
Hard as it is sometimes trusting in him, He always seems to know the perfect thing for us. It is always good, whether at the time is seems it or not. 

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