Dreaming…how did he know?

it is all beautiful and snowy white here at the moment. i feel like a child in Narnia! 
This was inspired by Psalm 139 and a beautiful evening with a wonderful friend talking about dreams and change and growth. 
Did he know when I was seven and wanted to debate my way through life in front of a jury, 
did he know when my dreams were to travel the world and tell people’s stories?

How did he know that my choice was the wrong one, and my decisions were being determined by another? 
How did he keep his hand in my life when I strayed far to the left and again to the right, 
what was it about his voice that kept my heart safe and my mind secure?

Did he know that i would come back to my hearts desire when i turned 22, or that my soul would long for the world and my feet would itch in anticipation. 

What is it about Him that knew who i was before i did, that knew what my dreams and desires would be? 
Where did he get the information that forms the heart of me, the heart of my being? 

now i know… 

He is the one who created my inmost being, the one who knit me together in my mothers womb. 
He is the one who took the strength and wisdom of my father, and the grace and love and eyes of my mother and combined them…
He is the one who perceives my thoughts and is so familiar with my ways. 

His thoughts towards me are far beyond my imagination, far beyond my vision and endless created stories. 
He knew when i was seven and wanted to debate my way through life in front of a jury, and he knew my dreams of telling people’s stories. 
He knew my hearts desires and the journey from 16 to 22. 
He dreamed them up before i came to be. 
He is my dreams and desires and will always always know. 

Hope you are all safe and snuggled up in the warm from the snow (if its snowy where you are?)

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