Romania…trip 2

In April/ May 2013 this lovely group of people will be travelling to Romania…to be exact we will be going to Siria, Romania. We will be visiting Networks. 

Networks are amazing, they are some of the most beautiful, joyful, God loving people I have ever met.
They work in a beautiful country with beautiful communities and they give and give and give.
And help and teach and love and cry and laugh alongside everyone. 
They serve the poorest of the poor, and give them a way to help themselves.

They impacted me more than I understand when I visited in March 2012 with this group of crazy lovely people. 

Networks are a charity and therefore they need money to help them run and live and work.

We are a internship group who need sponsorship to go out and serve the team.

We want to raise enough to get ourselves out there, and then that again so we can give it to Networks and they can do all they need to. 
If you want to know more about Networks, go here
If you want to buy what the Networks team have helped the community make (hats and scarves and bags), go here
and if you want to give money either to Networks (1) or to the group I am going with (2) :
1. here
2. here 
Please give anything you can- we all massively appreciate it!

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