Truths…letting go.

This year I have learnt that sometimes is it time to let go. 
Let go of things you love, of things that you know you want to give more to. 
Sometimes life is about giving yourself a break and letting yourself do less. 
I let go this weekend.
Of something beautiful and inspirational and joyful.
I let go of something that has given me so much in the past two years.

I let go and it was hard, crying in front of 180 people type hard.

But I know that the letting go will bring life. Bring life to me, bring life to them.

I know that now I am free to go and do, to move city and country and travel.
I am free to know that I gave my all, that they will always be in my heart and prayers.

Free to know that they will be world changers and crazy big influencers for their generation and for our heavenly father.

Letting go is hard, but then you get to move on, move on to more mountains and more adventures…

and tea always helps 🙂

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