Have you ever heard of a 20s list…or a bucket list
The idea is you have a list of things you would like to do in your 20s (or whatever multiple of 10 you are in)…or a list of things to do before you die.

I have always had such a list in the back of my head – some of them silly little things and some big and highly unlikely.
So I thought I would be more concrete in writing a list.
One which I hope to complete in 2013.
My beautiful friend Alice is also joining me in this little project.

We aim to record all the ones achieved through iphones and cameras and share the experiences with you.

We have written out 10 things which I am publishing here and 3 which we are not publishing because they are private/ have to do with jobs and other things that were a bit to personal. 

Alice’s list 
1. picnic in the peaks
2. lie under the stars
3.visit romania
4.go to the theatre
5. visit coco
6.be more thankful
7.go to an ice hockey match
8.play in the park after dark
9.go to the beach
10.spend a day being a tourist in london

Rachel’s list 
1.make a video about beautiful sheffield
2.travel to romania
3.have a picnic in the peaks
4.get another tattoo
5.watch a film at the showrooms
6.bake a cheesecake… or 2 or 3
7.hold a fundraiser 
8.go to a jazz club
9.be a tourist in london for a day
10.go to the beach 

I have already crossed one off my list which I will post about soon.

Hopefully you will enjoy seeing the progression of things being ticked off throughout the year.

What would you put on your list? 

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