Journal…reading good books

When I was younger I used to stack books up on the living room coffee table, sit on the sofa and read through them. 
I loved reading, I still love reading. 
I love loosing myself in the pages of a different world. 
I still stack books up now, in corners of my bedroom, 2 rows to a bookshelf, on my bedside table and on my desk. 
I do not seem to have the time to read through as quickly or diligently as I did when I was 13. 
But I will make my way through them one day. One day I will have a library too. 

I finished a wonderful book tonight, and it made me so happy; to find out the end and see what happened to everyone. It made this rather long and slightly tedious day have a lovely ending. 
I hope you are all able to get lost in the pages of books every now and then. 

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