So as mentioned in a past post I am heading out to Romania with a wonderful group of people at the end of April.

However there is much more to this story.

We may have been overexcited from actually landing in Romania last year, which caused us to have a girly photo shoot. 

I went out to Romania in March 2012 and completely fell in love with the place, the people, the language, the charity and the work.

I have just been accepted to join their team in September 2013!!! 
So now I am starting to fundraise. 
Fundraise so that I can actually get there and fundraise so I can go out and give Networks a generous gift to help the work they do.  
My first fundraising project is inspired by my beautiful and talented friend Beth who has spent this month being ‘unmasked’ …in other words not wearing make up.

I would love it if people could sponsor me as I take on this journey. 

the beloved box of joys will go unused for a month 

I, like many girls, love makeup and probably own way to much of it, and honestly I never really leave the house without some on my face.  
Therefore this little adventure and fundraiser project will be slightly hugely difficult for me.

I will keep you all updated on the journey and hopefully you can all help me raise money and awareness for this amazing charity. 
So I am going to go from March 28th – April 26th without wearing makeup.

  For honesty’s sake: I have chosen these dates because I have a wedding to go to on April 27th and I want to wear makeup to it.   

If you would like to donate money please email me at

I will be posting again this week to explain more about Networks and Romania and my whole journey through it.


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