Truths…nothing makes sense at the start

Nothing, makes sense at the start. 

At least that is what I have thought for a long while. I think my life is going one way and then it veers off in the other direction, or I am finally settled and it decides to take a huge loop into the sky. 
So I have decided that no, nothing ever makes sense at the start. 
But it all connects at the end…that moment when you look back on the last year and suddenly you see the dots join slowly and carefully to create a beautiful knitted together life that makes sense. 
Or that moment when you remember something which happened years ago that gives you wisdom in decisions now. 
Life has no coincidences…or at least I do not think it does. God has it all, and maybe the coincidences we see are divine ones. Maybe they are designed so that we can see the beauty in life, and gain joy in the daily slog.

As you all have seen from my previous post about Romania I am entering a bit of a time of unknown, and in a worldly and maybe common-sense, me giving up another year of my life to have no money or career prospects suggests that I am crazy.

But it feels right. It feels like me being where I am now has enabled me to say that yes I am willing to do this.

The heartbreak I experienced in 2010 made me ready to rely on God not me.

The courage that gave me allowed me to do Form.

Form led me to Romania and completely transformed my life.

The heartbreak in 2010 meant I am single, which meant I did Form and also makes moving country in September slightly easier.

No it still doesn’t all make sense. But those things are important
But it does work for my good.  

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