Blessings…in the ordinary

I watched Drew Barrymore’s ‘Inside the actor’s studio’ interview the other day and she said that while she was getting treatment for her addictions she began to realise the beauty in everyday- the beauty in a traffic light, the freedom to cross the road, the beauty in the ordinary and everyday.


I want to have that- to realise the blessing and freedom I have in life. 

I live in a beautiful house with two beautiful people, we have an amazing group of friends. 
We have enough money between us to feed, heat and cloth us. 
We all have wonderful family’s who care for us. 
I feel blessed that I can freely worship and be a Christian without fear of being arrested or abused. 
I feel blessed that I can read magazines, books, blogs, and watch TV. 
I feel blessed with my life and all that I have been given. 
I feel blessed that I am in a position where I can be inspired by so many things that surround me, that are in my day to day. 

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