Dreaming… Ice hockey

Me and Alice have been making our way through our 2013 bucket lists
We went to an Ice Hockey game on a day full of snow and sleet, when our world in Sheffield had turned very white. So it felt right to trek down to the Ice Hockey and watch the teams skate up and down, fiercely trying to score. 

It was a great game. I think it may be one of the few sports I don’t mind sitting and watching…in fact I got quite into it. 
The Sheffield Steelers won- very well deserved although the Hull Stingrays were fun to watch. Especially as we were sat right in front of their team box type thing (haven’t exactly got the terminology down yet) and then we all trekked through the snow back to the warmth of our beds… and thus Alice ticked that off her bucket list. 
I think that as we tick things off we know we are living. Our lists aren’t full of life changing things, they are little everyday trips or adventures, but they are what we enjoy…and thats important. It is important to make time to do things that you enjoy. 

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