Journal…Truths… Grace

“Grace isn’t a cheap dress to cover your flabby nakedness. It’s a revival of your dead heart, not just to paint over your sin with a varnish of forgiveness, but to renew you to your real life. It’s your true story. Otherwise, your life is telling the fake one.”

One which means everyone is the same and equal and loved. One which means each child gets an education and an option of how to live. 

I don’t think Grace is something that is easy to understand. I don’t think that it is something that makes sense in this world in which we live. 

Grace is the opposite of what human’s say, Grace is the complete forgiveness of wrongs, Grace is the second chances that never stop, Grace is the unconditional endless giving, Grace isn’t just a word anymore. It is a being, a doing, a seeing the world in a new light. 

This new light sees the world as a place where we can stop slavery and hunger and poverty. 

This light, this light of Grace says we are never going to stop. No matter what happens. 
Grace and Love. 
I think one comes with the other, they exist as one, needing one another. 
Grace brings Love, and renewal and Love brings Grace.

Be Gracious. Be Loving. Be something this world does not understand. 

The one day it might begin to see…

To see that His Grace covers us all. 


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