Journal…a bit about lately

Lately I have spent a lot of time thinking, maybe too much time. But the past week has been one of realisation. 
Realisations of things I need to move on from, dreams that I forgot about and the fact that I am actually leaving behind an awesome, life giving place in 3 months and that is sort of massively scary. 
Realisation that actually the most important part of my life is Jesus and when I loose focus on Him I tend to get all twisted in knots. 
Jesus is where its at and I am realising that I have a tendency to get caught up in all that I have to do and forget why I am doing it. 
In his loving gentle way Jesus reminded me that although I may be good at what I do, I am not needed for it to happen- He asked me to do it because He likes to work with me, not because he needs me to be there. 
My housemate text me this screenshot the other day.
It is a snapshot of Psalm 139 in the Bible and it is a wonderful reminder that God is our creator and knows what is best for us. It came at the perfect time and once again gave me a realisation of why I am. 
I hope you are enjoying life, and the slow turn into spring we are having. It is coming to the end of a long week for me and I am excited to celebrate these beauties wedding day with them on Saturday. 

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