The One Where…weddings, bloggers and nights out.

Tea is a necessity today!! 
Today is a day of resting for me after having one of the best and longest Saturdays so far this year. 
It started with the beautiful wedding of Lucy and Nate , where Olivia and Blake were the photographers. 
It was a delightful day and such a immense pleasure meeting Olivia and Blake. Who by the way are some of the most wonderful people, who I wish lived closer and we could have spent more time with! 
The day ended at 3:30am after a night out in Sheffield town centre with some amazing friends, while we showed Blake the local night time haunts, introduced him to bar life here and the tradition of chips at the end of the night. 
Look out for any photo’s of Lucy and Nate ‘s wedding that might be on Olivia‘s blog, they will be undoubtably awesome. 
We head out to Romania on Monday at 11:15am…tomorrow! It kind of crept up on us. But I have a folder full of important documents, my bag is packed and 18 people around me getting excited. It is also meant to be in the late 20’s temperature wise- so here I come sunshine! 
So I will see you all in 10 days when I shall no doubt have many a story to tell and hopefully photos to show you. 
p.s do you like my new header, my friend Jo designed it for me. I love it! 

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