Dreaming…someone else’s words

So when I started the whole 2013 bucket list I made a list with long time sisterfriend Alice. One of her dreams was going to Romania – here are her words about it all!   

Wow. I completely see why Rachel fell in love with this place.
I’m pretty sure I left a piece of my heart in Romania too.
We were there for twelve days; worked for six, explored for two, travelled for two, joined the Balkans in prayer for one and rested for one. It was exhausting, but incredible.
Not only did Romania steal my heart, but it broke it as well.
While we were away God began to break my heart for women all over Europe who are forced (by circumstance or by force) into a life of prostitution.
We heard story after story of how the women in the inner city slums of Romania have no choice but to walk into the city centre each evening and sell their bodies in order to make enough money to live.
Stories of men selling their wives in desperation and now manically trying to get them back.
Stories of girls who, as soon as they start their periods (but nowhere near old enough in our eyes to be called women), are forced to enter into this way of life.
It was not a comfortable trip; but it truly was the most eye opening, life changing, soul stirring and passion awakening twelve days of my life.

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