Late nights and early mornings.

I have realised that late nights and early mornings are my most productive hours. There is something about the rest of the world being asleep and it all being silent and calm, that makes it easier for my thoughts to form and for me to process and assess life. 
Late nights are also the times when I seem to have important conversations, ones which define relationships and cement friendships. It also seems to be the time when God grabs my attention and tells me beautiful dreams and challenging things. 
 I think my extrovert brain just likes the silence of it all. 
And I am writing this knowing that in 12 days I will be driving down the motorway, having packed up a room in which I learnt so much and moving on into the next phase of life. 
Moving into a bright pink room soon to be whitewashed and back with my parents and growing up memories. 
Just over two months left in England.
I’m excited, and scared and then excited all over again, because I know that although I leave behind the people and the places, and some of the dreams. The new people and places and dreams will fill my head very quickly, and move straight into my heart. 
I thank God that He gave me a big heart and lends me His so often, because I often wonder how I will fit yet another place and boat load of people in. 
I have rekindled my love for pinterest recently so I will leave you with some of my favourite words.
I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful July that England seems to be having. 
Much love, 

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