Meet Becky

This is my darling friend Becky, she has been one of the biggest, most beautiful influences on my life since I moved to Sheffield.  Becky’s a stunning, fierce, wonder women for God who happens to have the most beautiful fashion sense there is.
I want to share my people with you, the ones that inspire me and push me to be better. So I asked Becky to be the first one I interviewed. I sent her a bunch of questions and in response she gave me the wonderful answers below. Enjoy


Name: Becky Frankham
Age: 24
Occupation: Communications Officer for Church Army
Favourite item of clothing at the moment: A gorgeous oversized white silk blouse with gold buttons from a vintage shop for 5squid!

How long have you been a Christian and Why? 

I met Jesus in a dream during my sixth form year at school, (five years ago now!) and having encountered Him, instantly had a faith in God- I had seen Him!!! In my dream, there was also a girl who went to my sixth form, so the next day I asked if she was a Christian and told her about my dream. OF COURSE she was, and told me the gospel, how Jesus died for my sins, told me about the Holy Spirit and the reading the Bible and going to church….A completely craaay realm of life for me, I grew curious and began to seek out the Lord who I’d fallen in love with in my dream. The more I knew God, the more I changed- my priorities shifted, I grew in love and kindness and I stopped engaging in so many destructive false life giving behaviours- I had life in its fullness through Jesus now and my appetite had changed. I continued having dreams- one of which meant I changed my Uni choice to come to Sheffield. Here i met radical burning disciples and a church that was present in the culture I belonged to and was baptised in my first year. I keep walking in deeper and deeper intimacy with Him (Jesus) and growing every season of my faith.

Biggest influence in your life? 

The greatest influence in my life has been and continues to be Jenny, my mentor, friend and housemate. She had discipled me in ways of intercession, Godly decision making, knowing how to discern the Holy Spirit, given me encouragement and counsel, a right good talking to and challenge, wisdom, hope and love. She has invited me into her heart, home and family.
She’s a blonde, bubbly, gorgeous little pocket rocket of sparkle and I wanna say THANKS JESUS for such a gift to me!!

Tell me about IBIZA!!!!

I am going to Ibiza with 24/7 prayer for 3 months…24/7 values prayer, justice and mission. The community of the island is build around a shared call to intercede and evangelise; to be a visible statement of Jesus in a place once labelled the ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’ of the Western world. We love the white isle and we love clubbing! But we want to see it redeemed for the Kingdom of God.
The people we deal with are drunk, drugged, lost, disorientated, vulnerable, injured or distressed. Expressions of the ministry range from working from around midnight until about 5am to be a presence on the streets of the west end, taking people back to hotels and apartments in our van or wheelchairs, giving out bibles, offering prayer, working alongside the local bars, clubs, health centres and police to make sure that people are safe during the season in the West End. We have daily drop-in sessions at the centre and home of 24/7 with free internet and access to the prayer room, inhabit Godly space inside clubs and connect with women who work on the streets and in the clubs as dancers.
I think reaching this culture is important- the ‘lost’ generation of ones who are seeking life in all the wrong places: sex, drink, drugs, self image; they are drinking from cracked cisterns (Jeremiah 2) when they could be drinking the water of eternal life!
Our heart is that our work will be a spacious place for the Holy Spirit to move and that many many on holiday will return Son- kissed, having met their Highest High and greatest Lover.
(See Becky’s blog for more up to date musings of her adventure on the white isle)

Ultimate dream? 

My ultimate dream is…to see Jesus known and revealed in the gay community and a movement shaped by bold individuals of reconciliation; whose orientation is one of love, who live in the tension and refuse to allow hate, disagreements or past experiences cause division in any community or Jesus Christ.
To see Ibiza as a party island for Jesus!!!
To star in a Bollywood film
To open a smoothie bar where you cycle to blend your own drink called ‘wheely good smooview’ lol

Best life advice to give a stranger on a train?

The life advice I would give to a stranger on a train would be….Follow Jesus- it really is the wildest and sweetest adventure you will ever embark upon.
Keep your hair and nails in good condition.
 Do not surrender your peace; Know who you are and what you value and make decisions based on those priorities.
 Learn to express need to others and learn to receive love and help.
 Carry your passport with you at all times, just in case and be generous with your heart- it is infinite.


I hope you enjoyed reading from one of the best. Becky truly is women who reflects the beauty of God, who grasps life with her hands and heart wide open and who lavishes love on those around her.
Thank you for sharing a bit of your life here my lovely and I cannot wait to hear more stories from your adventure.

 If you want to know more of Becky – follow her on twitter  she really is a gem.


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