all that i am i give to you

Two more of my friends exchanged rings and vows on Saturday. They stood in front of their friends and family and vowed before us and God to love one another, to give all they are to one another…and it was beautiful. 
It is (i think) my 13th wedding invite in the past 2 years, and the diamonds keep on appearing on fingers and more invites are coming through the door. 
I love it!!!! A friend of mine asked me today how I keep so excited about weddings when I have been to so many. 
My answer was this; It excites me because it is one of the ultimate reflections of God’s love for us. Two people vowing to stay together through life- the hardships and the joys. It doesn’t make logical sense to me, because we are human and we hurt one another. 
So the fact that it always seems so right and so many people are doing it, is like this miracle happening in front of me. The fact that people have the ability to say, “yes, i am going to lay my whole life down for you, to serve you, to love you, to give you my best.” 
It is a small glimpse into God’s love for us, a glimpse into the beauty of heaven. 
Maybe I am just a romantic at heart, having been born on Valentines day and all, but it’s why I tear up when the bride walks down the aisle, it’s why I clap and cheer – potentially to loudly- when they are declared ‘man and wife’, because it is a beautiful, Godly, glorious celebration. 
And I think one of the most sacrificial and loving things that humanity does. 
So congratulations to Robin and Sam, and to the many to come and that have been. Thanks for showing me more of God’s love. Thanks for teaching me about sacrifice and love.
and thanks for the invites. 

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