Banana ice cream

For months I have seen recipes for banana ice cream on Pinterest. Advertised as a healthy alternative to ice-cream, insanely easy to make I decided to have a go.  
So I froze some banana’s I had left over in the fruit bowl and had a go. 
I took advice from this recipe and this one too
frozen banana’s, with peanut butter and cocoa powder to flavour. 
Mix it all together and freeze! 

I tasted mine in the beautiful sunshine that has graced us today while getting lost in the world of Jane Eyre. 
Being a bit of a self confessed ice-cream addict I would say that this is a good way to satisfy a sweet tooth if you want to stay on the healthy side. But it obviously does not taste the same as a tub of Ben and Jerry’s! 
I would suggest adding more of the flavouring, as I followed the amounts in the recipe and couldn’t really taste the peanut butter. 
I will for sure try this again but maybe with different flavourings, I’m also massively intrigued to try homemade frozen yogurt or sorbet. 
Anyone tried this before? Any tips? 

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