I introduced you all to Becky a few weeks ago, and since then she has traveled to Ibiza and I have been eager and waiting while she tells stories of what is happening. 

While pouring over her words I read the following and it in-captured where my heart is at. 

The thing about change is… it is bitter sweet. It is saltwater and honey. You have to grieve the old so you can celebrate the new. The landscape of life shifts; relationships ebb and flow, people come and go, home moves, jobs alter and the view that was once so familiar from here, is now a completely changed canvas…The most wonderful narrative of the Bible and very pinnacle of our faith, is one that changes from death to new life and resurrection.
 Jesus, the very incarnation of God Himself walking as one of us on the earth.  When Jesus died, there was mourning. He conquered the grave and appeared once again, to then return to the heavens, meaning that we too can have eternal life. And on Pentecost came the Holy Spirit, the very incarnation of God Himself living inside us on earth. There was celebration. He broke into our world through Jesus, He broke into our hearts by the Holy Spirit.”(find Becky’s full post here )
Amongst the turmoil and change that has taken hold of my life in the past few months there has been a constant peace. A peace of the knowledge of moving on into good things, into a celebration, of following where Jesus is leading. 
In February I got Isaiah 42:16 etched into my arm and the quote reads; 
“I will lead the blind by ways they have no know, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth. These are the things I will do, I will not forsake them”
These few months have been bittersweet, the moving and saying goodbye, the packing and throwing away, but the rough will become smooth and the dark will become light. I will not be forsaken and I will not be left alone. 
I know these things fully in my heart, and that my dears is where my peace comes from.

Much love, Rachel 
all images from pinterest

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