waiting for paint to dry

As I write this I am laying on my bed literally waiting for paint to dry. 
This morning my mum and I grabbed paint brushes and rollers, a bucket of ‘cotton white’ paint and put on our painting clothes. We painted over barbie pink and soft pink covering the walls in tranquil white.
I am one of those people who like to change their room every few years, be it colour, furniture placement, new curtains or bedspreads…I like to change everything. I like having a room which reflects me at that moment. Having a place for the next 5 weeks (the time is going so fast!) which is calming and relaxing is really important for me, and I wanted to create a little safe-haven for when I come home at Christmas. 
Somewhere where I can snuggle under a huge duvet, light some candles and get lost in a book. 
Bright pink walls just weren’t doing that for me 🙂  
And since my day has been full of decorating and thinking of new ways to use this room I thought I would share a smattering of my ideals, that of course come from pinterest

I want each and everyone one of these rooms, there just seem so peaceful and beautiful. 
Much love to you all!
p.s don’t be scared to comment and let me know what your ideal room would be like! 

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