Giant windmills….

During my stay at my brothers house we took a short drive to a nearby giant windmill. 
As it looked over the picturesque English countryside it stood by itself waiting to be admired.
It is called the Chesterton Windmill and was built in 1632. Both the design and engineering were unique to this giant at the time. Originally a timber structure ran through the middle and held a staircase to get to the gearing up top. (Apparently the gearing was also mostly made of timber.)
 Unfortunately the staircase is now gone and you cannot access the top of the windmill to gaze out those windows. 
However you can sit on the wall surrounding it and look across the rolling hills before heading back through the fields to your car.   
It is a lovely little bit of history to spend some time exploring. If you ever get a chance to see this giant I would say it is worth it. 

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