Before the big move…

As I prepare to move tomorrow I thought I would share a few of my favourite times from the past few months; which I captured on instagram, and how I spent my final non-packing day in England. 
from thxthxthx
kinfolk is a dream 
family meals 
bedroom view 
Suggestions for the weekend before a huge life move…
1. Spend as much time with life-giving friends as possible, and talk about everything from your adventure to why you feel grown up going on the tube. Act cultured in a museum of art, get inspired by street musicians in Covent Garden and walk along the Thames dreaming of living by the sea. 
2. Have a family gathering, eat plenty of good food, drink copious amounts of tea (and wine), play games and take them on last minute trips to buy the things you have forgotten.
3. Get your family/ friends to pray over you, speak truth, love and protection over you. Allow them to bless you in that way. 
4. Have a Lush bath which will end with both you and the bath covered in golden glitter and feeling suitably warm and cosy. I suggest the dragon’s egg- it smells of oranges, foams under the water and turns your bath a sparkly gold. 
5. Write down your last minute thoughts, prayers, lists and spend a peaceful evening enjoying what you have in that moment. 
6. Listen to your favourite music of the moment and allow yourself a bit of space before the beautiful madness begins. 

perfect coffee
early morning 
pear trees
shakespeare and farewell cards 

I want to leave you with a prayer that my wonderful father said over me today.
  Isaiah 40:31 “but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength, they will soar on wings like eagles…” 
Let her soar, not walk or run but let her fly, fly, fly. 

So whoever you are and wherever you are at in life, whether you believe in God or not; I pray that over you and that you will know the beauty of this world and strength from God in a way you never imagined. That you will fly on wings like eagles.

Much love, Rachel

p.s next post will come from Romania at some point!

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