Meet the Asprays

I met Nate when he first moved to Sheffield; hyper and filled with joy this man is a wonder. He has a huge heart, a glorious amount of banter and an ability to show someone they matter to the world. 
Lucy I met after a friend said ‘you should be friends, you will love her’, and I do. She is a strong warrior for God, a incredibly talented photographer and has a hunger to see things be the best that they can be that is beyond inspiring. And they both have an amazing ability to make people laugh.

They are one of those couples I just love spending time with, so I wanted you to be able to get a chance to hang out with them. I asked them a bunch of questions so here are their answers:

1. Names and ages? 
Nathaniel James Talbot Aspray (21) 
Lucy Elspeth Aspray (22). 
Talbot is a family name (notably Henry Fox-Talbot, one of the inventors of the camera) and Elspeth was Lucy’s Dad’s name for her Mum.
2. Best meal you’ve ever had? 
We both agree it would have to be the lunch we had the day Nate proposed at a hotel in Monsal Head. The surroundings are beautiful and the food was possibly even better. Nate thinks that the relief of acceptance might have played a part.
3. Why Jesus? Biggest God moment/ thing God did/ amazing God story? 
Lucy: I’ve loved God since I was four, but the first time I experienced his power of healing completely changed my relationship with him. I prayed with a girl who had lost her memory in an accident and after praying it was completely restored! Seeing first-hand that God loved his daughter so intensely was incredible. 
Nate: I can’t remember ever not believing in Jesus. If I had to pick a stand-out event that influenced my relationship with him it would have to be my parents’ decision to up-sticks and move to the Andes (without a job or house) when they felt God tell them to. I was only seven so the enormity of that move and the faith required to go through with it were a bit lost on me, but I can tell with certainty that the general impression that they would do anything for their faith has profoundly shaped my life.
4. How did you meet? 
We both tell this story differently. Nate likes to think that we met when he ran back in the driving rain to our church group from a Bombay Bicycle Club gig, but all Lucy remembers is a wet, sweaty mess wandering in and giving her the eye. The rest is history.

5. Who inspires you? 
Our community, NT Wright, CS Lewis, Bill Johnson, India Roberts, Stephanie Frizzell, our parents, Nate Saint (Nate’s namesake) and the wonderful Mike Pilavachi, Kinfolk, Tom Haverford, Leo Tolstoy, Olivia Rae James, Jamie Smith (xx), Mesut Özil.
Up to you to guess who put down who.

Wedding photo by the wonderful Olivia 

6. Biggest dream/ what you want to see happen in your lifetime? 
To see heaven on earth!

7. Piece of advice you would give a stranger on a train?
My mum always told me not to talk to strangers. (But Nate would tell them to google “Olivier Giroud Tetu”).

Check out Lucy and Nate’s blog We Resolve, it is full of wonderful photo’s, beautiful words and an inspiring life. 


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