One week in…

soup for the house-hold family. 

always with tea in hand 

I live in a vineyard! we can pick fresh grapes whenever! 

wood for the fires need in the quickly approaching cold winter months. 

Almost one week into living in Romania. My life is full of making new friends, figuring out sharing accommodation with 11 other people (read lots of rotas and lists), chopping wood, cooking with unknown ingredients and trying desperately to learn a new language.

I have never felt so at home in a place immediately, never seen and heard God so clearly in the everyday.
 I am only at the very beginnings of my journey here, at the beginning of understanding what my role will be, who I will spend my time with and where…
But something in me bubbles with excitement as I see us forming as a team, learning each others cultures and characters, our new roles and places in this beautiful organisation.

The longer term team here have welcomed us with gracious and loving arms, patiently explaining everything and showing us the ways of this new place.
God’s grace and love shines out of these people, more than I could have imagined.


check out this cover of “People help the people” 

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