Homemade soup

Cooking for me is all about making as much good food for as little money as possible.
As it was my turn to cook on Sunday, I decided to take advantage of the near-by market’s fresh (and cheap) vegetables.  
I then made a whole load of vegetable soup. Simple, easy and good for you. 

Wash and chop the veg. 
Fry the onions.
Throw in all the chopped veg with enough vegetable stock that it just covers most of the veg. 
Add in some pepper and paprika for seasoning. 
Leave to simmer on the stove for around 30-40 minutes. 
Please note that my version of cooking almost never involves recipes and always involves guessing with amounts and flavours. I never seem to be able to make the exact same thing twice. 
I find it more fun that way. 

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