Our garden became a vineyard

Yesterday was one of those perfect saturdays; 
lazy morning starts, tea drinking in sun-drenched porches, the smell of baking in the house, picnics up mountain sides in abandoned mansions, wonderful home cooked dinners, brownies in mugs, finishing good books, walks through vineyard gardens and girly film watching snuggled tightly together on sofas.

Yesterday we also found that our garden becomes a vineyard which becomes a hillside with the most perfect viewpoints to watch the sunset. 
Me and my beautiful Joy walked and talked and sat, watching and listening to this beautiful countryside we now call home. 
one of my beautiful Joy, taken my Kate. 
 The sunsets here are just so beautiful 
I have found myself being more free here, the simplicity of how we live encourages the more creative side in me.
 I am enjoying life in the country, the horses and carts (the farmers not ours), the rhythm of life echoing the rhythm of nature, spending hours sitting talking, the time getting to know new people, cooking with fresh produce, learning the differences and similarities.
This Starbucks loving city girl doesn’t miss the coffee shops any more. 

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