The sun behind the trees

I had a conversation the other day on a set of steps watching the sun go down.
We were saying that it is one of the best things to watch, one of the most amazing sights in the world to watch the sunlight fade through the shadow of the trees. 
About five minutes later we were sat in church listening to a talk about being Fascinated by God, being fascinated by His creation and all that He does for us.
And I got it. The fact that each day we can wake up and be amazed and fascinated by the world around us, let it bring joy, get a glimpse of God’s heart and love for creation and creating. 
And then this morning I woke up and I didn’t want to. I wanted to just say no to this day and this life and I wanted to stop my brain thinking and processing. I wanted to sit in my beautiful white room in my parents house and read an escapism book, losing myself in those imagined pages. Hide from reality and ignore….

And then I realised it is a choice.

A choice to be here.
A choice to be Fascinated by the world.
A choice to find joy in the pain.
A choice to say ‘I’m here God, what do you have for me?’
A choice to smile and talk and laugh through the missing people and settling into a new life.


It doesn’t always come easy.
But it is our choice, my choice to not go back to bed, to not ignore the world, to smile and listen and see.
So on those mornings where I just want to hide back under my blankets I have decided to remember the sun setting behind the trees, play sweet music in my ears and say good morning to my Heavenly Father and then let Him carry me through it all.


this also helped a lot this morning 

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