Always summer…

Romania seems to have forgotten that November normally means winter…or at least autumn. The weather here is a cool 18 degrees, sometimes getting into the early 20s. 
It has lulled me into a false sense of security about the winter’s here and given us all more time to enjoy the outdoors, sit on hills and look across the fields, strolling through vineyards and watching sunsets.

On Wednesday I sat in a vineyard above my house, watching the sky turn it’s various shades of greys, blues and pinks… listening to Melissa Helser and Jonathan David Helser  and pondering on the heart that sent me here, the people I have met and the ongoing sense that I need to get my head back into Narnia and the lion heartedness of God•.
Sometimes I feel I spend to much time alone in my head, writing down my processing’s, and other times I feel like there will never be enough time to actual understand each new thing I see or learn or experience. Notebooks just fill up so quickly nowadays.

So I am waiting on the winter evenings, the gathering around the terracotta’s, emptying of the wood-shed and wrapping up in blankets. But until then I will lap up the warmth in the wind, watch the sunsets and push my warm coats to the back of my closet pretending Christmas isn’t just around the corner. 
Love, Rachel

Narnia holds a (maybe too) dear place in my heart – the books and stories, the characters and symbolism. Maybe one day I will write about what God teaches me through those pages, but for now just know that somehow, in so many ways God uses C.S.Lewis’s genius children’s stories to open my eyes once in while and He did so my first visit here.

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