In the white house…

In the white house on the hill we have spent the past two days laughing.

The week was too busy for my head,
 too much information seemed to go into my ears…my mind felt like it stretched in a million ways.
In ways that make me process and think, which make me flip everything in my head the other way around and want to sit with a blank sheet of A1 paper to write everything on.

But instead I have read, and danced and cooked and laughed and drunk wine and watched films and participated in making a music video.
And tomorrow I will walk and process and maybe try to write out my life on paper… but I’m never sure that works, life is just too big and too complicated.

source unknown

I have discovered that my love for this house and these people runs deeper each week, I wish I could capture them in words that would show you their beauty…but for now I will just tell you that they make me laugh more than anyone, they know how to love despite differences, they are honest and open and compassionate and kind.
I love them.


I’m not the only one here writing and sharing…read Andy’s blog, and Julia’s

he paints the pictures with words better than I can, and she shows this world so beautifully. Both have been here longer than me, have more wisdom and knowledge than me, and both constantly inspire me.

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