sophie, the turquoise coloured dreamer

I brought a bike… for freedom and movement, for less reliance on other people… and also because I feel in love with this turquoise dreamer. We named her Sophie.

I am dreaming of bike rides down beautiful roads, through fields and villages, visiting friends and travelling to picnics.
I dream of free-wheeling with my legs out on either side while the wind blows through me.

This bike makes me dream, and I think that is a good thing.
Especially when life can be full of spreadsheets!

Last week was full of small tasks and routine.
With the air turning colder, white breath coming out of our mouths, and learning to light wood fires.
A week in which I became more aware of my need for God at all times, in all things.
Awareness of a dependence on Him and His guidance in my days, my thoughts, my dreams.
It has been a week of longing to know Him more.
Understanding more, learning more, seeing more.

I also discovered this music blog, and started reading this book – they are both good.


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