Why am I here? 
What am I doing? 
Where are you taking me? 
Down and around and through the leaves, 
up this hill and running down that valley…
You see that lake, it’s your heart, I’m turning the sunshine on it, its turning to gold. 
You see that star, its yours, I created it for you…so you could see it this evening. 
I’m taking you around that corner, through the dark. 
I’ll lead you into the forest, just so you can see this view that no one else can. 
You see that bird, it’s singing that song so you know I am here. 
You see that ladybug, I love it so much, how much more do I love you. 
I’m taking you down this valley, so we can climb that hill together, 
through those rocks, I’ll be the rope holding you tight, see the handholds I carved for you. 
Now jump….
do not be afraid to fall. 
Just jump because at the end I’ll catch you. 
I’ll always catch you. 
I know why and what and where….
Jump my darling, I will always catch you.
Even when you are afraid to fall. 

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