good things…

good things take time sometimes* 
I moved here almost three months ago. 
I waited to be here for a year and six months ish 
It took me time. 
It took a good lot of patience and impatience to get here. 
It has taken 3 months to become settled into the people and house and work here.
It has taken time for it to become a truly good thing, something that makes my heart tug at the idea of leaving for 2 weeks, something that makes me sad when others in the community leave whether i know them well or not, simple because they are part of what makes this place good. 
It took me 3 years to develop friendships in Sheffield that felt like sisterhood, it took me time. 
It has taken me around 12-15 years to even begin to understand myself and truly begin to love myself…that took time, a lot of it!
A very wise man here said something about Jesus’s life recently that got me thinking about time and age and my perspective on it. 
He said that there is so little in the bible about Jesus’ life before he is 30, and it used to frustrate him. And then he found this verse: 

“and Jesus grew up in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man” 
Luke 2:52 
He grew up in wisdom and stature. 
He grew up in favour with God and man. 
He spent the time growing up. 
He spent the time. 
And then he started. 
Maybe it is just me, but I am 23 and I so often feel like my life is running away from me, that I haven’t done enough in my life yet, that I am getting old…..
I am only 23. 
Search online for the oldest person alive and you will find articles about people who are 123 years old. 
100 years older than me. 
So maybe, just maybe I don’t need to worry that I haven’t changed the world yet. 
That I haven’t worked with all the people I want to work with. 
That I haven’t got married or started a family. 
That I haven’t quite figured out who I am or how to live life in the best way. 
Good things take time sometimes*
God uses time in the best way.


* because sometimes good things happen in a flash and you turn around and your world has changed in one moment. 

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