Disney Robin Hood, Alice in Wonderland, Esmeralda and Captain Jack Sparrow…

I brought in 2014 dressed as a fox dressed as robin hood, having gin & tonics with Alice in Wonderland and Esmeralda and taking sips of whisky from Captain Jack Sparrow’s hip-flask…

2013 was a good year, a hard year, a life changing year.
I helped run my second student conference; I saw amazing friends get married and engaged; I spent 10 days in Romania with the knowledge it was to be my new home; I quit jobs, moved back with my parents and then moved country.

I’m so completely unsure about what this next year will bring.
I’m unsure of how my life will look 3 months from now, let alone what might have happened by the time the bells ring in 2015.

If I have learnt anything from 2013 it is that I have to completely utterly trust that God has everything in His hands, that He has a plan and a vision so far out of what I can see and that means I can rest in Him at all times.
And the best advice I got given was to take each day one at a time, to feel what I feel and live that day without worrying about the next one focussing purely on what God wants in that day.

So with those thoughts in mind, I welcome in a new year of living as a missionary, turning 24, more travel, simple living, seeing more good friends get married and continuing on this crazy journey of a life.

I am also starting my year doing the 100 happy days challenge.
The idea is to take one photo a day of something that made you happy, so that you can be more aware of what you have and appreciating the things around you.
I will be posting them on my instagram account if you would like to see.

Much love to you all,

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