you know it all

“you hung the stars and you move the sea…and still you know me”
He knows me. He knows you. He knows it all. 
My mind is being confused and tugged and amazed by the simple, changing fact that the God who knows everything, who created the universe knows me. 
Knows every intimate thing, every fail, success, crush, heartbreak, lie, truth, grievance, excitement that is inside me. 
It is both comforting and terrifying. 
How wonderful that He does and wants to know me that much. 
How terrifying that this means I can and do choose to be that vulnerable to Him. 
Vulnerability…this word is haunting me at the moment. 
It is a good and fabulous word, one that bashes around my head as I learn what it means and how to act it out in life. 
 Here, through typed words and captured moments, I get more vulnerable with what I share. More honest with who I am, where I am at and what I believe. 
At home in a house with no space and many people, I get more vulnerable with what is going on inside this head and heart of mine. 
And in a community of outstanding, honest and loving people I am beginning to see the true value in vulnerability and allowing others in through the built up walls. 
In all of this, in all of the growing and learning, first and foremost in the crazy truth that He knows me. He knows you. 
He knows it all. 

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