13 or 14 is how old they say she would have been. 
Potentially the most important women in the world.
She didn’t hide, or shy away. 
She was willing and open. 

I question if I could have done the same, wonder if I have my eyes and ears open as she did. 
She was most likely ridiculed and cast out as her body grew outwards, as it became impossible to hide. 
She risked everything to bring Jesus to us. 
She bore the Son of God, she said YES to the seemingly impossible, YES to the uncomfortable, YES to Him. 
She was probably 13 or 14. 
I am sometimes scared to write His name here; Jesus, God.
 Maybe I am not ready or open but how I want to be, how I try to be. 
I want to say YES every time He calls me, every time He asks me, I want that. 

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