I turned 24 on Friday. 
I wrote a blogpost for my beautiful friends at We-Resolve this week. 
I had balloons and wine and books and nail polish and food and dancing. 
I have never felt more loved in my life; 
By people who haven’t known me long enough for me to deserve it, by phone call birthday songs, hand written cards full of caring words, paintings of Aslan, new colours for my nails, and good good coffee.
I’m spent this week been blown away by God’s love, His whispered voice in my ear giving me new dreams, fulfilling old ones, inviting me to run and run with Him. 
It drives me crazy trying to understand why the creator of a moon that causes cloud to have rainbows (it’s true..i saw it last night!) and roses of the deepest red can love little me in a way that it endless and non conditional. 
So I start my 25th year on this earth, in awe of my God, humbled by love and acceptance and eager for the adventures awaiting me. 
Also I watched this film last night, and if you haven’t seen it you should, and even if you have you should watch it again because it is awesome. 
R. x

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