books and big pictures

I am reading a book called ‘The Final Quest’ by Rick Joyner. 
It is taking me out of my mind, into a bigger picture, into a reality which I can only grasp when I close my eyes. 
It is a good good book. 
The bigger picture seems to be a theme at the moment. 
It is the focus of my work life, the focus of my actions and decisions. 
Every detail at the moment seems linked to something bigger. Some gigantic picture where I can only see the tiniest corner of. 
It excites me, encourages me, shows me how much more I have to live, to learn and to experience.

Maybe that is the point…we are travelling through the canvas that is our life, slowly discovering the different textures of paint, discovering the brighter pinks and dull greys that have been mixed in a way which weaves together a perfect picture for us.


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