the journey home…

I spent 9 hours in cars yesterday.
In three different back seats, sitting and sleeping and thinking.

We escaped our day-to-day on Friday and hitched our way 6 hours north east.
Arriving in a thriving city, with wonderful coffee shops, cute little alleyways and plenty of alternative fashion statements stealing my gaze.

I thought escaping to a city would be like going home,
or something similarly relaxing.
It took me 5 hours to start missing the fields and gentle hills, and green – so much green.
The coffee and shops and hustle and bustle of life no longer excited me.

It was good, to escape reality and normalcy.
But above all it made me want to be here, in our villages, in our countryside.
It made me want to work harder, learn more, dig deeper into all that we are here to do.

The 9 hours of our alternative way home were full of happy tiredness of a journey home.
I am happy to be here.

Amongst my day to day, amongst my normalcy.

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