expectation vrs reality

I didn’t expect so much. 
I sat down to a conversation with a knowledge that something would happen, something was changing. 
I got offered a job-role of a lifetime. A chance to live out things I never expected nor dreamed to. 
I live in a vineyard, in a country more beautiful than I could imagine, I work for a man who lives out a vision seen, a purpose so real and so inspired, a life in which God is the only way and only focus. 
I wake up and get challenged by who I am surrounded by every day. 
6 years ago I moved to a city called Sheffield. 
I thought I would do university, get married, work for church and support my husband in that. 
I didn’t expect the relationship to end. 
I didn’t expect to stay in Sheffield. 
I didn’t expect to come to Romania for 10 days one March.
I did not expect to move here. 
My expectation was so small. So tiny and boxed in compared to where I am now. 
In 6 years I changed and moved and moulded into something beyond my expectations, beyond my dreams.  
I boxed in me, I boxed in God. 
I live a life so beyond my expectations. 
I forget so easily how incredible it is here. 
Today was not one of those days. 
The people here are people who I adore; they give me hope and challenge and courage. 
God pushes me off mountains and provides me with the wings to then fly. 
This reality is so far beyond my expectations. 

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