naked feet and white cherry blossom

I don’t like shoes…correction I don’t like shoes when the spring arrives and then summer starts. 
I remember as a child having arguments with my mum about the importance of shoes. 
Me; the child who wanted freedom from the laces, leather and rubber soles. Simply wanting to join her friends in their bare footed adventures.
My mother; the concerned sensible adult thinking about where I was going to step and ultimately which nail or stone would end up with me bleeding. Accident prone child that I was, she probably was right. 
And now as the white blossom has appeared on the trees and my freckles are being brought forth by the sun, I find myself longing to walk barefoot everywhere. 
Walking barefoot in sand, grass, gravel and snow (just trust me on the last one, even though it has nothing to do with summer) just makes me feel happy.

Other happy things from this week:

Watch this…we watched this last night with jelly babies and fresh oranges, it’s such a good film, beautifully shot and makes you eager for adventure.

This album and this soundtrack. Both have been on repeat for the past few weeks.

Spontaneously skyping 3 of the most loveliest of old housemates in England this morning, nothing as good as that.

Also homemade peanut butter from my housemate, on fresh green apples is the best snack!

Hope y’all have a joy filled weekend. 


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